Another Hayride
Directed & Produced by Matt Wolf
2021 | 18 minutes

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Another Hayride from Matt Wolf on Vimeo.

As the AIDS epidemic took hold in the early 1980s, self-help guru Louise Hay created a space for healing called the Hayride. Drawing hundreds of gay men confronting a deadly and stigmatized disease, Louise promised that they could overcome AIDS through self-love. Some said this early new age wellness movement was unscientific and harmful. Others who were suffering said that Louise healed them. In the face of a deadly pandemic and government neglect, resilience takes unusual forms, and for Louise Hay’s circle, intimate forms of reckoning were transformative. Another Hayride launched on the New York Times’ Op-Docs series and POV, and aired on PBS.

A Park Pictures & Polari Pictures Production
Produced by Sam Bisbee & Matt Wolf
Executive Producers:
Jackie Kellman Bisbee, Lance Acord
Edited by Matt Wolf
Music by Lori Scacco

Press & Reviews

It’s crucial that as a community we strive to keep a record of our history.  As painful as the memories stirred up by Hayride are, we should be very grateful to Wolf for this excellent addition. - Queer Guru

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