I Am Rebel
Television Miniseries
National Geographic Channel  
Executive Producer, Showrunner, Writer
2016, 4 x 60 minute episodes

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I Am Rebel: Hacking Episode Clip from Matt Wolf on Vimeo.

I Am Rebel: Alexander Shulgin Episode Clip from Matt Wolf on Vimeo.

I was hired by Doug Liman's production company Hypnotic to create a first-person documentary series about rebellion with feature film-style recreations. In tandem with National Geographic Studios I developed and oversaw the creation of these stories:

Louis Moore was an African American activist who hijacked an airplane in 1972 to seek revenge on the city of Detroit for police brutality. Weegee was a pioneering crime scene photographer in the 1930s at the height of the Prohibition gang wars whose images gave birth to tabloid culture (episode written by Matt Wolf). Alexander Shulgin was a chemist who invented over 250 psychedelic drugs in his backyard laboratory, but when his miracle drug MDMA hit the streets and became ecstasy Shulgin went to war with the DEA to protect his research. Kevin Mitnick was an early "phone phreak," who became a symbol in the media for the new threat of hacking in the 1980s. For years Mitnick used his hacking skills to elude the FBI, sending them on a cat and mouse chase across the country.

I Am Rebel: Weegee Episode Clip from Matt Wolf on Vimeo.

I Am Rebel: Hijacking Episode Clip from Matt Wolf on Vimeo.

Executive Producers for Hypnotic:
Doug Liman, Matt Wolf, David Bartis, Gene Klein
Executive Producers for National Geographic Studios:
Jeff Hasler, Bengt Anderson